Bring Your Game to Life

As well as making our own games we can help you make yours with scripting and GUI programming services specialising in the Ren’Py engine. 

Or maybe you need Audio Engineering? We can edit, balance and implement the voice acting for your game, edit your audio drama or produce your voice acting demo! 


$0.02 per word

Turn your script into a game.

We copy your game script into ren’py and follow your programming instructions on where sprites appear, where music starts and stops, add sound effects, show and hide backgrounds, etc.

Please Note: In order for us to properly add in visual assets to the code, these must be noted in the script we receive to program.

Price by complexity

Sprites that require resizing and custom image transformations.

Layered Images / Sprites.

Image Edits: Time of day coding recolours (ie. Evening, Night.)

Scrolling Credits. 

Please Note: These are only some examples, please contact us with your specific requirements for quotation.

Replacing the default UI with your own custom for the basic screens.
Also includes setting up the initial game filing structure.

Basic GUI — $100

  • Main Menu
  • Dialogue Boxes
  • Save
  • Load
  • Settings
  • Quick Menu
  • Prompts

Extended GUI — add $50
Everything in Basic GUI plus:

  • CG/BG Gallery
  • Music Box
  • Credits
  • History Menu

Priced per Project

Voice Acting added to your game.

Prices include adding coding to the script, testing the voice acting volume and balancing in game with all other sounds, and line matching voice acting to script.

Audio Editing

Cutting: Priced per project
Listening through complete audio file, cutting, naming and choosing takes.

Editing: $0.40 per line
Basic cleanup, volume balancing, EQ, compression, and vocal effects.

Minimum $50, +25% for NSFW

Starts at $100

Basic voice editing, transitions, SFX, music for character demos.

Additional packages may be available for recording, direction and script.

Casting & Vocals

Priced per project

Arrangement and management of casting calls, liaising with talent in case of retakes or audio related contact, supervising live recording sessions.


Song originals & cover commissions. Vocals only.

Music tracks to be provided by client. 

Additional packages may be available for mixing.


Reaper (Izotope, Waves, Slate Digital), Da Vinci Resolve, Rode NT1 with focusrite Scarlet interface.

The Divine Speaker

Audio Programming, Audio Engineering

Silver Blue


The Ocean at Night

Co-Programming, Audio Engineering

Wrong Number

Audio Engineering

Wrapped with a Kiss

Programming, Audio Engineering

A Forsaken Place

Programming, Audio Engineering

Another Day


Delphine's Discovery

Programming, Audio Engineering

Elle's Kitchen

Co-Programming, Audio Engineering



When We Were Monsters

Programming, Audio Engineering

Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome

Additional Programming

…and many more.