The Studio

Cats on a Lilypad Studios is a solo owned  visual novel and audio production studio based in regional NSW, Australia. (With the help of our owners partner and their good friends)

Founded in 2020, the studio is the culmination of a lifelong love of gaming and narratives. Not only do we make our own games but we’re also available for programming and audio production services

Fun Fact: Our studio name comes from a deep love of cats and our owners’ initials!

Courtney / C.L

Owner, Lead Dev, Creative Director, Audio Producer

I’ve got a few names I’ve used. C.L comes from my initials and is a contraction of my childhood nickname of CocoLou. 

Cat lover, gamer, singer and occasional youtuber. 

I have a youtube where I play games and post song covers at CocoLouCovers

My favourite games are Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Age and The Witcher.

I have studied digital media, IT, electronics for a decade and hold multiple qualifications, recently adding audio to the list of studies.

*Lilypad not pictured

R.J Fern / Bexa

Producer, Casting Assistant, Proof Reader, Writer

I’m known as Bexa everywhere, to the point where my real name is obsolete, although I’ve been going by R.J. Fern for my writing so you can use that if you want. 

Just don’t call me The Forbidden Name.

I’ve been writing since I learned how, and making up stories in my head for even longer than that. When I’m not writing I’m working at a doggy daycare as a supervisor/photographer, or watching movies and TV shows (fave genres are horror, sci fi, and true crime docos, but really I’ll watch anything that’s good).

I also like cheese a lot