The Studio

Cats on a Lilypad Studios is a solo owned  visual novel and audio production studio based in regional NSW, Australia. (With the help of our owners partner and their good friends)

Founded in 2020, the studio is the culmination of a lifelong love of gaming and narratives. Not only do we make our own games but we’re also available for programming and audio production services

Fun Fact: Our studio name comes from a deep love of cats and our owners’ initials!

Courtney / C.L

Owner, Lead Dev, Creative Director, Audio Producer

Cats on a Lilypad Studios is a solo owned studio, that owner? Me!

Depending on where you know me from, I go by Courtney, which is you know… my name.

You might also know me as Court, C.L or CocoLou. I’ll also answer to “Oi! You!” but that’s definitely not my preferred ( ̄y▽, ̄)╭ 

I am a programmer, writer, audio editor, director, manager, singer, and anything else I need to be!

Sometimes I get to play games at CocoLouCovers, most of the time that’s pre-recorded but sometimes it’s live where you can come hang out, play a cool game together, ask me questions.

You’ll also catch me over at CocoLouCovers posting song covers!

Ask any dev and the chance of them saying that Dragon Age was one of their inspirations behind becoming a game developer is pretty high, so it’s probably no surprise to hear it’s influence on yours truly.

If I had to give you five titles that built who I was, most of them would be video games, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft, Mass Effect, The Witcher… ok that’s only four… In more recent years you can add games like Final Fantasy XIV, The Divine Speaker and Baldurs Gate 3 to that mix.  (I don’t think I can count)

Rich stories of fantastical worlds and filled with characters that make you fall in live thrice over.

Landscapes you want to jump through your screen into, stories that eclipse your own reality, for the moments you’re playing nothing else exists.

Games with such enthralling characters and stories that even the ADDHD can’t distract me from.

Making games has been a lifelong dream of mine, and the road was long to get here, and my biggest hope is that I can bring even the tiniest fraction of what I love about gaming into my own stories.

I hope everyone who plays my stories takes away something to love about them, even if it’s but a single line of dialogue.

*Lilypad not pictured