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A 15+ BL Visual Novel following High Alchemist Nika Skylar – an acclaimed alchemist invited as an honoured guest at the Moonfaire.

A state held festival to celebrate a rare event of the silver moon. An event that occurs only one every century and fuels the magic of their kingdom for the next hundred years.

During a night of celebration, activity and tradition, tragedy strikes.

A derailed ritual, a murder, a traitor. 

Featuring 56,000 worlds, 1 love interest and an alchemy mini game.

The Inn Between

An 18+ BL modern fantasy Visual Novel following a young man as he seeks to reclaim his stolen memories. Join Myka as he discovers a world he thought only possible in the pages of fairy tales as he seeks his past, and shapes the future of two realities. 

Featuring 3 love interests, 100k + words and a fully voiced free demo. 

The doors of the Magnus Inn are open.

Heart Agency

Adrian Heart is a reclusive composer dragged into the world of the entertainment industry by his famous sister to become the new personal assistant to one of the elite talents who calls the agency home.

He is none to happy about it.

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